Blogpost: What color is the new black? I find out!

01/26/2013 07:16

Ah, the eternal question. But, here at I Love High Fashion, I pledge to answer all questions about fashion--Even the hardest and extremely complex--To give my devoted readers interesting to, Uh, read. Anywho, My first "Fashion Question Cracking" is, "What color is the new black?" Well, I searched through google and found various answers. But, The most trustworthy site is Yahoo. The answers on the page vary from grey to periwinkle, and even Black itself. So, I am going to use my own fashion skillz to decide for myself. Be right back.

All right, I looked at what the person who wrote the question chose as the best answer, and decided that The new black is.......PERIWINKLE!!!!!! There ya have it--One of Fashion's biggest mysteries-Solved.

        -Your fellow fashionista,