Here are some tips provided by ehow tech.     

    1. Practice your writing skills. Try taking a writing course, or looking at other fashion blogs for reference.

    2. Study the fashion world before writing a blog about it.

    3. Talk to a person who has a little know-how about fashion blogging.

    4. Pick a site, like Webnode, that can help you build your website.

    5. Get used to the tools on the blog.

    IMPORTANT TIP: If you use webnode, keep in mind that you must type 'cms.(enter name of blog here)' to edit your website, then log in your account, which you need to make your own blog.


Can't find the perfect place to make your blog? Here's a list of blog platforms (some by me, some by lifehacker ):

1. Wednode (

2. Weebly (

3. Blogger (Search blogger on google)

4. Tumblr (

5. Wordpress (