Blogpost: The secrets of the Style-izer

01/16/2013 06:45

Remember the last post when I called myself a Style-izer? Well, I thought for today's post, I would teach ya'll my secrets of being a Style-izer. Here ya go: 

1. Utilize your event. (Utilize means specify, just in case you don't know.) When selecting a outfit, you must remember what event you are attending. You can't go crazy when you're going to a casual party, right? Right. So, remember what kind of event you are goin' to.

2. Pick your outfit. Now, it's time to pick your ensemble. Here's an example: If you're going to a cocktail party, I recommend a cocktail dress. Easy.

3. Shoes and accessories Now..... for the fun part. Time to pick your shoes and accessories! The cocktail dress will go good with some flats and a little purse.  And there you have it!! My secrets for being a Style-izer!          

        -Your Fellow Fashionista,