Blogpost: The many meanings of 'Fashion'

01/04/2013 18:05

Hey guys! You may already know this, but the word 'Fashion' actually has other meanings. (I don't mind if you wanna be a little sarcastic--I possibly won't know (:) You might know the first term: A popular trend or style. Here are some other definitions U may not know:

A manner or mode. Example: Set the table in this FASHION.
A specific variety. Example: The fair attracted people of all FASHIONS.
Shape or form.

(information received from
This information can help you find more meanings of the words U know!
                -Your Fellow fashionista,
P.S.: If you read my blog (Or you're reading my blog right MEOW), on Monday, either wear suspenders( I recommend Zebra-Stripes, Dark Pink, Red and electric-blue) OR Faux glasses with lenses (Just search on-line if ya don't know what they are). It like saying despite our diffs, Great fashionistas always, ALWAYS, think alike. Love ya!!