Blogpost: Mac-Duggal Prom Collection

01/09/2013 17:02

Today, I'm going to share some of the Mac-Duggal prom collection, and suggesting shoes and acessories to go with it.

1. The purple-and-black strapless

Embellished Purple Prom Dress

I recommend some simple black heels or wedges with a little red purse to go with this.

2. The Green and blue strapless

Floral Peacock Print Prom Dress










Maybe some basic black boots will go good with this.

3. The Blue-to-Silver Ratio

Electric Blue Prom Dress

Maybe a dark colored sweater and some tan wedges will look good with this.

4. The sliver and turquoise dress

Empire Waist Peacock Prom Dress










Hmmm........... Simple Jimmy Choo's would work, right?

5. the sky

Aqua Prom Dress










Maybe some flats and a cardagan would be electrifying with this. (Get it? 'Cause lighting come from the sky, and the color of the sky goes with the dress?)

'kay. that all 4 now. See ya later!!

        -Your Fellow Fashionista,