Blogpost: Fur Gurls

01/21/2013 14:27

Namaste! Arden is in the house (Not really, 'cause this is a BLOG), and I have a new assistant named Ashlyn. She is the bomb!

It's TRUE! Arden and i have been friends for a long time. So we decided to impress you with this new blog series!

That's right! This new blog series is called... FUR GURLS!!!! Ashlyn, Tell us about it.

Well, the idea was from seeing how much fur coats Arden had. Here's a pic of us:










On the left is Arden and on the right is Ashlyn and we are the FUR GURLS!

(Pink: Arden Blue: Ashlyn Green: Both of us)

        -Your Fellow Fashionistas,

                 The Fur Gurls

               (Ashlyn & Arden)