Blogpost: Fur Gurls (Pt. 3)

02/03/2013 08:03

Hey! Ashlyn & Arden here with another edition of our series FUR GURLS!!

Right! Today, we are comparing fur on different garments. We call this Fur report card!!

Yup! Let's get this party started. Introducing....... Fur Report card!!!!!!!!!











First we have these gloves. What do you think about this, Ashlyn?

Well, I like how the fur adds this glamorous element to the gloves.

Agreed. I give this an A+!!

Me too! Let's move on:

Hmmmm. What do you think, Arden?

I give this an A because even though fur is a legit fashion acessory,too much fur is a dangerous thing. Next photo:

Ashlyn, what are your thoughts?

C minus, not because the wrists are a little too small, it's because the patterns kinda confuse me.

Yeah... Can't argue with that.

Well, that's all the time we have today, but see you next time on FUR GURLS!!!!!!!!

(Note from Arden: Thank you all SO much for the 7.8 thousand likes on facebook for our first fur gurls post!!)

                -Your Fellow Fashionistas,

                        The Fur Gurls

                    (Ashlyn and Arden)