Blogpost: A message to my readers

04/06/2013 15:21

Hi guys! Today, I have an important message to my readers and fashion lovers. Here it is:

When I first started I love high fashion, I thought only my friends and family would care to see it. Until, I looked at my stats for the very first time. I had so many views, and I felt so happy the rest of the day.  So I just want to say that:

Thank you for mentoring me.

Thank you for inspring me.

Thank you for guiding me on this journey while I guide you.

Thank you for caring.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

P.S. I had been so stressed with meetings and friends, etc., I hadn't a lot of time to write posts, including fur gurls. (Speaking of, I will write more of those posts later this week.)


            -Your Fellow Fashionista,