Blogpost: 6 ways to tie a scarf!

12/26/2012 08:44

Here are 6 ways to blow your usual scarf-tying routine out of the water:

1. The modern one loop (By Wendy's Lookbook)

Take your scarf and loop it around your neck once. You're done!

2. The infinity (also by Wendy's Lookbook)

Tie the ends of your together.

Turn the scarf to make a figure 8.

Drop the 8 around your neck, and you're finished.

3. the drape (Wendy's lookbook)

If you have a wider scarf, you can drape it across your shoulders with ease, just like a jacket.

4. the headband (by Me)

If you have a outgrown scarf from when you were a baby, Just place the scarf on your head and tie the ends around your chin. Easy!

5. The Belt (pretty much used by a lot of people)

Just tie that scarf around your waist. Pretty simple.

6. the necklace (created by Me)

Start off with a european loop. (Simply fold the scarf in half, drape it around your neck and pull the ends through the loop, which is at the end of the fold.)

Pull the ends through the knot until the meet. Volia!

Smliar look


Good luck!

       -Your fellow fashionista,