Blogpost: 5 Minute Styling Tips

02/20/2013 13:53

How can you tie your outfit with a cute accessory and you only have 5 minutes? Here is where come in. I'm what I call myself... THE STYLE SUPERHERO!!!!!!! Here are some tips on finishing your outfit in a few minutes:

  • Try wearing suspenders with leggings. Casual, yet chic!
  • Tie your scarf around your waist to make a belt, OR tie it around your waist like a bracelet.
  • Wear multple bracelets and necklaces with your outfit. Fab!
  • Pin a cute flower or fabric pin to your old lapel coat. (Click here to view a pic of a lapel coat.)

‚ÄčThat's all for now, but just go to the 'Any Questions?" section to tell me what you want to include here on my blog!

                                -Your Fellow Fashionista,


P.S.: Here is what I'd look like if I was a Style Superhero: