Fashion in other countries

08/12/2013 20:44

*Hey Fashion Fans! Arden here to give you an inside look on the five fashion capitals of the world. First up, New York! Here is a photo I found on Google:

Simple, Elegant, and Stunning. What more is to say?
Then, we have Great Britain:

Are you pretending to be a flag or are you.. Just.. No.

Hey, Dude on the left, Get a shorter jacket!
And you, girl, what's up with the Cookie Monster?
Anywho, onto Japan!

Hmm, I guess it's okay. Too much yellow, but okay.

Piano? Wait, what?! I don't get it! Oh well.

Umm, the first one is too wacky. The middle has a too revealing tear in the bottom. And the last one, what's up with the hat? Oy Vey!
Finally, Milan:

Ummm, this is too much. Toad green with a big pink heart? I'm confused!

The bright colors and stand out patterns are too much for a fashion forward chick like me.
Well, that's it for this week. See ya next week. Your Fellow Fashionista, Arden
(P.S. Remember, this was written mobile, FYI)