DIY: dip dye your hair with kool-aid

07/30/2013 03:41

Hey guys! So I was digging through my files and found an old recipe for dip dying your hair with kool-aid. And since dip dying your hair with kool-aid is a popular fashion trend, I decided to let you use it. 'Kay?
Here we go:
You Need:
1 Black Cherry and Cherry Kool-aid packets (2 packets of each if you have thick hair)
1 pot
1 container
1/2 of a cup of water
1 old blanket or towel
1. Pour water in to pot and add packets of kool-aid. Stir until dissolved. Heat for about two minutes.
2. Pour into container and let it cool for two minutes. (Hint: You may want to change into an old t-shirt)
3. Place old towel (or blanket) under the container of kool-aid. (Hint: Put your hair into pigtails) Dip your hair all the way up to the elastic for about 2 minutes. Do the same for the other pigtail. Comb your hair out so it won't get tangles.
Congrats! You're done!
Confused? Here's a Video that goes with this tutorial:
P.S.: Since My hair is medium brown, this tutorial is for mainly people who can't bleach their hair. If you have lighter hair, add more kool-aid or keep it in the kool-aid solution longer.
P.P.S.: Black Cherry and cherry are my colors. You can use different colors if you want.
Your Fellow Fashionista, Arden