Blogpost: Steve Harvey

01/26/2013 18:17

Have you watched the newest episode of "Steve Harvey" ? (The talk Show, not the sitcom) This talk show doesn't really focus on fashion that much, but in this episode, it seriously needs some praise from the fashion world. "Why?" you might ask. Why tell ya when I can show ya?

First, in the 'Ask Steve" section, A young woman named Maxine asked Harvey what she should wear after losing over 40 pounds. Long story short: They give her a makeover and she went, as Harvey called on his site, from Fabulous!

Next, Harvey, along with Fashion journalist Aleah Connect, presented this winter's fashion must-haves.

Here are some screenshots from the webpage:

There you have it folks--A talk show that can create loads of fabulous reviews in the fashion world. 

        -Your Fellow Fashionista,