Blogpost: Spring Outfit Tips/Ideas

03/23/2013 12:55

(IFB-Project Inspired) Hey! Since Spring is coming up, I am sharing some tips on looking your best. Here they are:

1. Wear 'Friendly weather' clothing.

Weather friendly clothing is clothing that can be wearable in the warmer seasons, Like shorts.

I don't know why I have this tip. I just like wearing bright colors on Spring. End of Tip. NEXT!!!!!!!!!!

3. Look at the mags.

That's right: Look at fashion mags for inspriation. (How do you think I wrote that '10 Spring must haves' post?) I recommend Teen Vogue and People Style watch. (P.S: I have some inspriation to help you out if your in a bind.)

                    -Your Fellow Fashionista,