Blogpost: Fur Gurls (Pt. 9)

03/18/2013 09:22

Hey Gurls! Arden and Ashlyn here with another one of our best Fur Gurls posts ever.

Right! Since spring is finally here, we are going to tell you how to work fur into your spring outfits.

Yep! Here is our tips:

1. Make sure you don't go into "Fur Overload". Only use a few key elements to make your outfit pop!

2. Use the rule of K.I.S.S. (You can find more at the "Fashion Tips" page.

3. Try mixin' them with new spring trends. (Fur textures on Printed sheath dresses, Fur on crossbody bags, etc.)

Here are some photos to get you started: 

                                -Your Fellow Fashionistas,

                                           The Fur Gurls






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