Blogpost: Fur Gurls (Pt. 8)

03/11/2013 16:51

Bonjour, Fans! Ashlyn and I are sharing some of our fave photos of celebs wearing fur. 

That's right! Can I go first, Arden?

Sure. What celeb are you profiling?

Katy Perry! Let's see here:

What I like about this dress is that it's simple and chic. The best part is that the cheetah print adds a wild side!

Love it! Here's mine (P.S.: This is dedicated to those who have BIEBER FEVER!!!)

I like how the hat is simple and casual yet fun and playful. Same goes to you, Jaden Smith! ^_^

Arden, you are SO crazy! (:P) Anyways, here is our last photo. Here comes Khloe Kardashian!

Whoo! Crazy hat!! Khloe looks kinda WACKY in this hat. Try again (WITHOUT the ears) next time, K! See U next week on....FUR GURLS!!!

                                                            -Your Fellow Fashionstas,

                                                                                                          The Fur Gurls