Blogpost: Fur Gurls (Pt. 5), Late-Morning Edition

02/21/2013 17:59

Hey Gurls! Before we begin, Ashlyn and I are sorry for not writing Fur Gurls.

Right! We have the world's busiest schedule, so we haven't been writing our weekly posts.

You're right! Today, to make up for lost time, we are showing some Seventeen articles that involve Fur and Fashion.

Yup! Ready when you are!


Faux Fur Trapper hat

Fashion Week Street Style

Put the 'Fur' in 'Fergie'

Furry Cassie @ the Givenchy Show

How to Update your fur

Mary Kate in fur

That's all for now, but join us next time on..... FUR GURLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                -Your Fellow Fashionistas,

                                    The Fur Gurls