Blogpost: fashion week fun!! (Pt. 5)

02/14/2013 12:19

Before we begin, I am sad to report that Mecredes-Benz New York Fashion Week is over. :( However, the next on is in September, so don't be too upset. Anyway, this time I watched the Falguni AND Shane Peacock. You never forget your 1st Duo Designer show. And trust me, This really applies to this show, FOR SURE. The majority of the show was filled with basic colors and snake skin, but it was AMAZING, for sure. (P.S. I couldn't write yesterday's post because I was at some important meetings. I lined up a guest to post for me, but he couldn't make it. Then, my computer froze.) Well, that's it for this season of Spring MB fashion week, But I will be back next time.

            -Your Fellow Fashionista,