Blogpost: Fashion week fun!!!

02/08/2013 17:33

Guys, I've just got back from.......Wait for it.....Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week!! (Cue Fanfare!) However, Since I wasn't invited there, I watched it live from the MB website. But, It was still awesome! Here are some of my favorite pieces:

  •  Black Blazer W/ Black shirt and black pants (Cute, but it SCREAMS, "I NEED acessories!")
  • Black Deep V-neck dress (Though it needs a little jewelry, or a purse, or something.)
  • Orange Cable-Knit jacket W/ Floral dress (Totally Faboo)
  • Brown Fodora (I can't remember the whole outfit, but I adore-a Fodoras. Get It?)

Well, that is my time, but I will be back tommorrow seeing another show and filling you in the best outfits and pieces. Love ya!!

            -Your Fellow Fashionista,