Blogpost: Fashion Slogans

02/17/2013 18:07

Hey, Fashion Likers and Lovers! Today I'm gonna be sharing totes funny fashion slogans. (Sources are at the bottom, so don't worry if I put your slogan without metioning it.) HERE THEY ARE:

  • Say it with Fashion.
  • A taste for fashion.
  • Take pride in your Prada.
  • Say it, Don't stray it. (Stray, in this case, means to lay clothing about.)
  • Don't break your high heel! (Don't worry!)
  • Here's the Halter top....(Here's the deal....)
  • What the Prada?! (What the Heck?!)
  • Great Coco Chanel! (Egad!)


(1-2) The Advertising Slogan Generator

(3-8) Original


           -Your Fellow Fashionista,