Blogpost: 10 spring must-haves!

03/01/2013 06:53

Hola! Today I'm going to be sharing the 10 must-haves this spring, according to the lastest issue of PEOPLE: STYLE WATCH. Here they are:

1. Black and White

2. Printed Sheath Dresses

3. Structured (Boxy, if you will) Cross-body bags

4. Point-toe flats, whch are 'supes' (Super) cute

5. Ruffles

6. Sliver

7. Chunky Heels

8. Baseball Jacket


9. Weathered Metal Jewelry

10. Sheer Pieces

There it is, ya'll: The top 10 spring must-haves this spring!

                                           - Your Fellow Fashionista,