Back to school fashion trends 2013

08/05/2013 22:21

Hey gUyS and GiRlS! Today I'm going to give you some Back-to-school fashion trends for my younger audience(s). If you watched the most recent installment of 'TeenNick Top 10' or you read a lot of fashion blogs or magazines, you may recognize some of these trends. Ready? Ok, Here we go:
Printed Jeans
Pairing a white lace greek dress with a cozy boyfriend sweater, UGGS, etc.
Mini skirts
Flowing Blouses
Ankle Boots
Tote Bags
Printed Bomber Jackets
Comic-Inspired accessories (earrings, necklace, etc.)
Plaid pants
Faux nerd glasses
Hope this list helps! I'll see you next week. BYE!!!!!!!
Additional Links and sources:
-Your Fellow Fashionista, Arden

P.S.: One more thing, just remember that some of the trends aren't for you. You can express these trends in your own ways!