Anna Wintour

04/24/2013 22:53

'Sup, my fishes?! You have probably heard about Anna Wintour, right? Well, I might as well start from the beginning:
    As a kid in London, England, she would always break the dress code at her school. She also has an interest in fashion since she begin to watch the show 'Ready, Steady, Go'.
    When she was 15, her father arranged her first job: Biba Boutique. In 1970, a magazine called Harper's & Queen hired her as a editorial assistant. She was always had a creative disagreements with the editor-in-chief, so she quit and moved to New York, just to start anew. She then went to work at Harper's Bazaar, but was fired after 9 months. She worked at several magazines, but due to her rebellious personality, she always ended up fired. In 1985, she went to work for British Vogue as an editor. Then,--Get this-- Once she became in charge, she FIRED everyone, earning the nickname, "Nuclear Wintour". (Believe it or not, the hit movie The Devil wears Prada was based on her. Ouch!) Then, she became Editor-in-chief of American Vogue. To learn more about The devil herself (I couldn't resist. ^-^
), google her and watch The Devil wears Prada, or just search her on Wikipedia. She has a long history in fashion. Literally. 

                    -Your Fellow Fashionista,