A little explanation.....

07/15/2013 23:00

*Bold phrase Hey Guys! So, basically, when was my last post? A month? Two months? I don't want to be THOSE blogs, but if I don't upload posts, polls, etc., I'll end up being one of THOSE blogs. (P.S. I'm writing this on my phone, so if you notice anything weird, you'll know why.) The reason why I haven't been doing stuff on my blog is my computer got ruined. Now, I'm reduced to phone-writing until I get a new computer. But, have no fear! Because I'm going to be writing on my phone, doing posts EVERY WEEK! (Insert Clapping and Cheering here) Thank you to all my fans who have supported me throughout the months that this blog existed. Love ya SOOOOOO much!
*Bold phrase -Your Fellow Fashionista, Arden **Bold phrase*Before I'm done, I'm doing my new QOTW (Question of the week) and it is: Do you think I should those types of monthly fashion/beauty/random favorites? Let me know in my contact page (titled: 'Any Questions?')! Plus, new posts every Monday! Bye!