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Fashion in other countries

08/12/2013 20:44
*Hey Fashion Fans! Arden here to give you an inside look on the five fashion capitals of the world. First up, New York! Here is a photo I found on Google: Simple, Elegant, and Stunning. What more is to say? Then, we have Great Britain: Are you pretending to be a flag or are you.. Just.....

Back to school fashion trends 2013

08/05/2013 22:21
Hey gUyS and GiRlS! Today I'm going to give you some Back-to-school fashion trends for my younger audience(s). If you watched the most recent installment of 'TeenNick Top 10' or you read a lot of fashion blogs or magazines, you may recognize some of these trends. Ready? Ok, Here we go: Neon Printed...

DIY: dip dye your hair with kool-aid

07/30/2013 03:41
Hey guys! So I was digging through my files and found an old recipe for dip dying your hair with kool-aid. And since dip dying your hair with kool-aid is a popular fashion trend, I decided to let you use it. 'Kay? Here we go: You Need: 1 Black Cherry and Cherry Kool-aid packets (2 packets of each...

A little explanation.....

07/15/2013 23:00
*Bold phrase Hey Guys! So, basically, when was my last post? A month? Two months? I don't want to be THOSE blogs, but if I don't upload posts, polls, etc., I'll end up being one of THOSE blogs. (P.S. I'm writing this on my phone, so if you notice anything weird, you'll know why.) The reason why I...

Blogpost: Summer 2013

05/28/2013 15:28
Summer 2013. Clothes. Fashion. Need I say more? Here are the clothes:

Blogpost: Fur gurls (Pt. 11)

05/14/2013 14:38
Hey furry gurls! Sad new, Ashlyn isn't here today; she's having lunch with her friends. So, today I'm flying solo. Here are some fur fashion. I hope you enjoy it: Love you all!           

Blogpost: The Update-ation proclaimation

05/09/2013 14:38
Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been uploading posts in a while. Just busy and all. So here's a little something I like to call: The Update-ation Proclaimation! I will try to upload as soon as possible. Cross my heart.             -Your Fellow...

What I think about.....Denim

04/28/2013 04:48
Hey, guys! So today I'm sharing my thoughts on Denim. Here are some styles that I'm Ra-a-a-a-ving about! (Imagine me snapping my fingers in a Z-formation while saying this.) First, we have a denim skirt. Cute, comfy and it comes in different styles?! Thank you, Fashion Heaven! Next, we have the...

Anna Wintour

04/24/2013 22:53
'Sup, my fishes?! You have probably heard about Anna Wintour, right? Well, I might as well start from the beginning:     As a kid in London, England, she would always break the dress code at her school. She also has an interest in fashion since she begin to watch the show...

Blogpost: How to look good for prom

04/18/2013 12:29
Hey, you guys! I missed you guys SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. But, I'm back! I'm here with another post on PROM. Scary, huh? It's actually a good subject to talk about today, 'cause that's what I'm doing. DO get bright colors. Of course, you wanna get bright colors on your dress. It shows a bright...
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